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Welcome to Acumen Translation Hub (ATH)

Google Enterprise Translation Hub (ETH) was a self-service document translation service designed for organizations that needed to translate large volumes of documents into multiple languages. It offered an intuitive interface, robust security features, and the ability to integrate human feedback. ETH utilized both Google Cloud Translation API and Auto-ML Translation to provide high-quality translations.
However, Google has announced the deprecation of ETH and plans to fully shut down the service by the end of 2024. This decision has left many organizations seeking alternative solutions to manage their translation workflows.

Key Features of Google Enterprise Translation Hub (ETH)

  1. Intuitive Interface:

    A user-friendly interface that simplified the translation process for business users.

  2. Large-Scale Translation:

    Designed to handle high volumes of document translations efficiently.

  3. Multiple Languages:

    Supported translation into a wide range of languages.

  4. Customization:

    Allowed users to customize translations with glossaries and translation memory.

  5. Integration with Human Feedback:

    Enabled human review and feedback to improve translation quality.

  6. Enterprise-Grade Security:

    Offered strong security measures to protect sensitive data.

Impact of ETH Deprecation

The discontinuation of ETH has left many organizations scrambling to find alternative solutions that can match its capabilities and ease of use. While Google Cloud Translation API remains available, it may not be as user-friendly or offer the same level of customization as ETH.

Are you facing challenges with document translation? Acumen Translation Hub (ATH) has the perfect solution for you!

Acumen Velocity identified this gap early and has developed a comprehensive solution to ensure your translation needs are met without disruption.

Alternatives to Google Enterprise Translation Hub

Fortunately, several alternative solutions are available, including:

  1. Acumen Translation Hub (ATH):

    Designed to closely mimic ETH’s features and functionality, offering a seamless transition for existing users.

  2. Other Third-Party Translation Services:

    Numerous other translation services are available on Google Cloud Marketplace and elsewhere, offering various features and pricing models.

It’s crucial for organizations that relied on ETH to carefully evaluate their options and choose an alternative that best suits their specific needs and budget.


Why Choose Acumen Translation Hub?

  1. Familiar Workflow:

    Our Translation Hub mirrors the look and feel of the current Google Translation Hub, ensuring a smooth transition.

  2. Verified Functionality:

    We collaborated with Google’s product development team to test and confirm our hub’s functionality.

  3. Consistent Performance:

    Using Google-approved APIs, our hub delivers consistent and reliable translation results.

  4. Seamless Operations:

    Continue your translation operations effortlessly without any interruptions.


High-Level Architecture

Our solution is designed with user accessibility and security in mind.

  1. User Profiles:

    Manage multiple user profiles effortlessly.

  2. Translation Jobs:

    Handle both single and multiple document translations with ease.

  3. Document Access:

    Secure and streamlined access to all your translation documents.

  4. Google Integration:

    Leveraging Google’s infrastructure and security for reliable operations.

  5. Billing:

    Transparent and straightforward billing processes.


Client Onboarding

We offer two deployment options to fit your organization’s needs:

On-Premise Solution (Ready Now)

  1. Assigned VM:

    Deployed on-premise or on GCP.

  2. Configuration:

    Setup for seamless cloud communication.

  3. Support:

    Additional support options available.


Google Cloud Marketplace Solution (Available September 2024)

  1. One-Click Installation:

    Directly from the GCP Console into your GCP account.

  2. Provisioning:

    Full GCP account setup and support if needed.

  3. Support:

    Comprehensive support options available.


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