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The terms – cloud security, cloud cyber security and cloud computing security – are all synonymous with each other.

Their meanings are quite similar but in simple language, they refer to the practice and profession of protecting the data or information of a company by detecting vulnerabilities using penetration and other methods to prevent and deter efforts like hacking, data deletion, data manipulation, online theft of information or data leakage etc..

Cloud security is the practice of securing the infrastructure, information systems and networks that might be on a public cloud or a private cloud.

Securing the cloud and ensuring cybersecurity best practices involve working with a group of client applications, client systems, firewalls, VPN’s, control mechanisms, access patterns, technology solutions and other SAAS and custom built or home grown software tools, methods and procedures.

At Acumen, Cyber security is an advanced threat detection and response team that provides our clients the rigor, scale, scope, and consistency required to secure today’s digital infrastructure.




We construct custom cybersecurity plans and provide ongoing guidance to identify & eliminate vulnerabilities to keep your company protected.

Our comprehensive cybersecurity services provide a comprehensive and robust approach to addressing your most critical cybersecurity needs. Our services encompass consulting and implementation, managed services and project resourcing. Our team is skilled at identifying risks, developing and maturing cybersecurity programs, while helping your team to implement the right solutions that will support and meet your organization’s business goals. Our hands-on approach and experience is honed by our ability to provide the right blend of expertise to make you successful by partnering with you to deliver execute, and manage your end-to-end cybersecurity needs.

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