How Acumen Helped Implant Dentist Grow 1400%

Client Brief:

a tooth and a brush

A dental office based and run with a strong local community.

The multi-partner dental office was doing well, the marketing lead had a firm grasp of the day-to-day patient load as well as the procedures that need to be performed. The office was generally busy and was mostly being run by referrals and a mix of local advertising including magazine, newspapers, and some online Google advertising.

The patient load was always moving along as planned. The business team was always able to bring in patients from leads and fill in any missing spots for missed or last-minute changes. The overall business situation was very good.

While the practice was experiencing growth, the doctor was keen on practicing implant dentistry and adding a new dimension to the general dentistry practice. The doctor attended various seminars and workshops and had successfully performed quite a few implant procedures and had advertised the same, however, implant patients were far and few between.

The Business Operations team tried changing some of the messaging via traditional online paid-advertising on one channel.

The business officer needed to explore an omnichannel advertising and marketing strategy. They needed to reposition their practice towards more implant-centric while keeping their general practice intact.

Acumen objective:

  1. To help the client develop branding to increase inquiries regarding dental implants by generating local interest in the community and within the target markets
  2. To leverage office branding to continue targeting general dentistry to the local people and encourage implant dentistry.

What weve done:

a group of dentists

  • To deploy branding via updated website and branding to add a new dimension to the practice focused on implant dentistry.
  • To perform industry analysis and created brand personas for implant-ology.
  • To synergize findings with key management and implement omnichannel marketing strategy.
  • To help put out publications via blogs and snippets of information about implant-ology on the website and email branding.
  • To create offers and submitted to various online sources regarding implants.
  • To create press releases and publicized the doctors’achievements regarding implants and the benefits of doing so to the target market.
  • To develop effective email marketing workflows for re-targeting
  • Implemented Hyper-Local SEO for locations to bring additional local traction.

Key Features:

✓ Weekly/Monthly reporting of key findings and current progress while maintaining continuous online access to analytics for key stakeholders.

✓ Identification & refinement of key opportunity areas, prioritizing each based on Impact/Effort

✓ Recommending & Implementing actions based on industry’s best practices

✓ Constant follow-up with the Client to assign tasks and due dates and track progress.


  • The doctor received 14 new inquiries within the first 6 months for an implant consultation.
  • All inquiries came from online sources.
  • Existing patient volume experienced 20% growth.
  • The dental office added an additional ortho on staff to aid the expanded needs.

The overall business increase meant that the doctor was able to work on implant-ology while continuing to perform general dentistry.

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