Boost Registration for Elementary School from 5 to 70 Students

Client Brief: A New Christian School located in Orange County, California with 5 students on a mission to make Christian education affordable and accessible to families in the local area.

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Situation: With 5 students in one classroom, one teacher, and one substitute teacher, there was hardly any marketing that was possible. There was a desperate need to get the word out and evince interest while increasing brand awareness online.

The primary objectives were to focus on generating student interest & attracting qualified teaching staff in the target demographics.

The Director of Marketing was on a mission:  She was trying to make the school and the objectives a bigger part of the story.  But she realized her marketing team lacked the tools to scale. She needed a solution to help them generate leads online.

Acumen objective:

  1. To boost website find-ability and spread brand awareness in target markets online, while attracting parents looking for an affordable Christian education for their children.
  2. To brand the school as an attractive place to work to increase teacher inquiries.

What we’ve done:

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  • A website with target-driven landing pages was developed, SEO opportunities were identified through competitor analysis, keyword analysis, and persona building.
  • Content development – Blogging, Infographics, Videos were created – addressing the reasons why prospective parents/teachers(Brand Personas) are interested in a Christian education & why they feel it is beneficial/essential to be a part of this mission.
  • Prioritized and initiated action around the process, product, people, technology, and promoted the content across various channels.
  • Launched and amplified SEO campaign using a combination of highly targeted & long tail keywords that are delivering.
  • Provided detailed reports outlining key metrics and tied to customer acquisition.

Trained school staff on basic SEO.

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  • The school grew from 5 to 35 and now to 70 students within one year of starting Acumen services.
  • We receive about 25 email inquiries a month from March –
  • 56 families (representing over 100 kids) attended a school tour and 33 families (representing 60 kids) submitted applications.
  • Every 7 months of the year (August – February), we typically receive around 10 inquiries a month.
  • Admission inquiry emails from families who find our website from an internet search account for over 75% of all inquiries we receive.
  • We are now full and have a waiting list for every grade level.

We get teachers from referrals. When teachers hear about the quality of academics and teaching environment . . . they want to be here!

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