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What Is SEO?

Google is the #1 search engine in the world for a reason. It is always changing and evolving. Finding and working with Google’s parameters is not only complex, but it is also virtually impossible to hit all the elements that Google is looking for. As you can imagine, SEO has grown more complex. Attaining top placements in Google requires a robust and careful strategy. This involves technical optimization, content, high-quality link acquisition, infographics, publications, citations, business listings, and more.

When most of these elements are put in place, your company can secure sustainable website traffic for years.

Why SEO?

If you are running a modern business, SEO is the most important tactic to generate leads. Google estimates that nearly 78% of all purchasing decisions begin with an online search. If you are at the bottom positions on Google, how will your customers find you? Every day you delay starting your SEO, your competitors are moving ahead of you and it becomes harder to reach the top spots.

Acumen has a decade of experience running Local, National, and E-commerce SEO for small and medium businesses. Our results are evidenced by the goals we have been able to achieve for our customers. We understand that as a small and medium business, you have a lot on your plate. There are many other challenges facing your new company, however, marketing it online should never be one. Place your search engine optimization in the hands of a trusted SEO company while you continue to enjoy hands-off and hassle-free lead generation.

As premier Orange County-based SEO expert, we try to gain a reputation for your business in Google’s eyes by marketing to Google, the way it should be marketed to. Every client and business is unique, therefore, our services blend with your needs and requirements.

Local SEO

Enterprise Local SEO

Many people think local means small. Every customer we work with receives enterprise-level strategies for every local SEO campaign which is customized for every client. Unlike many other local SEO agencies, we focus on strategies geared to provide you with a fast ROI. Not only does this help you scale efficiently but also justifies the cost of SEO. We are both cognizant and mindful of the fact that ROI is the key to grow small and medium businesses.

Our local search optimization focuses on an intelligent content creation and other channel strategies in your geographic area. We create location-based relevance of your business/service noting that Google places the same heavy emphasis.

Multi-Location Hyper Local SEO

Our strategic approach works well for all sectors of businesses, be it B2B or B2C. Our local SEO clients range from boutiques, real estate, financial companies, loan agents, property management, educational institutional, healthcare professionals, dentists, startup’s, media and technology companies all over the US. We take the time to understand your business goals and come up with a cohesive strategy to ensure that you receive success each and every time. Multi-location SEO is for businesses who have multiple locations. We are fortunate to have worked with both single location businesses and businesses with over 100 locations. Every client and every strategy is unique, but what remains the same is our commitment and the results we provide.

Local SEO is one of the most important marketing investments for ROI. The work we perform has proven an increase in search rankings and the local pack. Mobile users can also find your business through voice search and Google Maps resulting in more leads & foot traffic.

SEO Process

Consumer Research

We perform a thorough research of your market to understand how your customers use search engines to find the services you offer. We then focus on extensive keyword & competitive research and end with an audit of your current search results. This helps us establish the groundwork for your campaign.

Competitor Analysis

Our SEO campaign is geared towards ranking you higher than the competition. With our array of tools and insights, we dive deep into the tactics and current rankings of your competitors and understand the factors as well as outline their strategy. We then leverage those insights and start at that baseline to work towards the ranking your business deserves.


After completing our research & analysis, we then create a roadmap geared towards your business growth, this includes setting timelines & milestones. Our focus is always on high value and ROI based activities that will deliver the best impact on your SEO.

SEO Workflow In Action

Learning about your business objectives will provide us the insights to align our efforts accordingly.

We will perform an in-depth competitor analysis of your top 5 competitors, this will include their keywords, their Advertising targets, their campaigns, and their conversion rates. We will leverage this information as a baseline.

Once we understand your growth requirements, we work on compiling the right keywords that will take you where you need to reach.

Some of the best-looking websites have been known to hiding technical issues that only Google can see. We need to make sure these are resolved so that they don’t hurt your rankings.

By ensuring the right elements are present on your website to implement customer targeting tactics, we will make adjustments and implement targeting that your website can rank for.

Links are the life and blood of ranking and website promotion; therefore, to remain competitive and outrank your competition, we will continually execute quality link building campaigns that will strategically point them to pages on your website that we are working to optimize.

Utilizing our various analytics and tools, we will be able to analyze the progress of your organic traffic at a revenue level. This will allow us to change direction and make decisions that will directly impact your ROI.

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