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Our comprehensive cloud migration strategies and framework brings customized solutions, industry-specific tools, methods, and automation across various cloud models and multiple
delivery methods.

Depending on the organizational needs and appetite for transformation, we are able to craft our delivery modalities while driving comprehensive ROI via our expert cybersecurity, cloud
monitoring and spend optimization services on the cloud.


  • Assessment


    Assess your infrastructure, applications & data to determine best fit services based on strategic business needs.

  • Discovery


    Based on the findings from the assessment, dive deep into use cases and ascertain complexity at the next level.

  • Document & Present

    Document & Present

    Present our understanding via a presentation to provide a full 360 level view of findings and obtain feedback.

  • Cloud Migration Strategy

    Cloud Migration Strategy

    Formulate strategy based on feedback provided after presenting our findings and identify best fit applications for initial migration.

  • Cloud Implementation Plan

    Cloud Implementation Plan

    Present overall plan & timeline for migrating best fit applications to receive approval from all stakeholders.

  • Cloud Migration Execution

    Cloud Migration Execution

    Implement the migration in an iterative fashion across various environments to ensure a smooth transition using automation.

Our free assessment provides real answers
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costs and what cloud infrastructure best fits your business

  • We asses current data and

    Inventory your current data, its size, app
    usage, and structure.

  • We calculate current TCO

    See how much on-prem is costing you

  • We map out a new architecture for you

    Get a proposal for a customized cloud
    solution and its features

  • We provide a new TCO

    See how the new, usage-based cost
    stacks up against your current expenses

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