A few of the many cloud advantages:

  • 24/7 Connectivity

    24/7 Connectivity

    99.9% SLA means you don't have to worry about security & services

  • Lightning-fast deployment

    Lightning-fast deployment

    Upload and install from anywhere, determined by you

  • Predictable costs

    Predictable costs

    Pay only for utilization, what you use and for how long. Updates, support, and security included

  • Improve Staff Productivity

    Improve Staff Productivity

    Align your IT staff with strategic goals by freeing them from performance issues.

  • Incredible Flexibility

    Incredible Flexibility

    Scale up and scale down as needed with disaster recovery baked in

  • Support tailored to you

    Support tailored to you

    Run almost anything from .NET to JAVA to HADOOP to SQL at a fraction of your current cost.

How the cloud helps you win

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Acumen Velocity Process

  • Perform DataAssessment
  • Assess CurrentLandscape
  • CalculateCurrent TCO
  • Create DataStrategy
  • Present TCO ForProposed Architecture
  • ImplementProof Of Concept
  • Plan ForNext Iteration

Our free assessment provides real answers to your cloud questions

Say goodbye to hypothetical scenarios and get concrete answers on costs and what cloud infrastructure best fits your business

  • We asses current data and infrastructure

    Inventory your current data, its size, app usage, and structure.

  • We calculate current TCO

    See how much on-prem is costing you

  • We map out a new architecture for you

    Get a proposal for a customized cloud solution and its features

  • We provide a new TCO

    See how the new, usage-based cost stacks up against your current expenses

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