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Grow your revenue through ROI-driven digital marketing paid advertising that makes business sense. Get continuous streams of ready-to-buy customers and grow your business.

Our clients receive an average 84% increase in lead volume through PPC/Banner Ads/Facebook Ads

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What is Paid Advertising?

Paid advertising is a powerful marketing method to amplify your website traffic. Paid advertising ensures that you can stay on top of your spending as well as get a high ROI on your advertising dollars. Paid advertising today is no longer just on Google. Many content platforms, ad-networks, and banner Ads also provide a myriad number of channels. Amplification of your content is also possible which includes videos, smart graphics, blog content, etc. Depending on the goals, Acumen is able to help you implement advertising campaigns via the highest performing channel for your specific situation.

Before getting onto an Ad platform and starting a campaign, it is important to note that your website will need specific changes and optimization to ensure maximum efficiency. For example: if your landing page or website does not address the needs or wants of the user or if the page is somewhat difficult to navigate or cluttered with a lot of information, your customer will not spend time looking at your product. This is a lost opportunity. You have paid for the customer to come to your site but have also not gotten anything in return.

So how do we combat this? Enter Conversion Rate Optimization. This is what we do after a careful research and study of customer patterns on your site, understanding the ability to continuously refine the conversion funnel, and slowly patching up those holes that lead to lost potential conversions, consequently saving you thousands of dollars in monthly ad spend.

Paid Advertising Process

  • Build Strategy
  • Research and Perform A/B Testing
  • Implement Paid Advertising
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Conversion Rate Optimization


Custom content, imagery including videos, infographics and messaging will be implemented for your landing pages. All your pages will have an A/B test that will be performed frequently.


Our analysis and ad optimization lead to growth. This is due to our rigorous weekly checking and process that our team constantly tracks on. There are too many levers working at once to drive your performance. Our team will always find ways to improve your campaigns.

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