Applied Intelligence

Create models that use and combine your existing data in never before possible ways to produce meaningful predictions on unseen (or future data).


The prediction(s) are not just based on inference or rules, so you don’t have to code anything new to handle previously unseen or even unforeseen changes in data.


The model is really what we are trying to predict and that is something that we will need to create through the process of learning from data.


In this case, the learning is occurring to a machine (or program) that is now deriving cognitive intelligence based on patterns, occurrences & information being found within the data.



This knowledge (information) is thus taught to the machine & gets applied cumulatively to newer sets of data to produce desired model results. This process is called ‘Training the model’


The learning of the knowledge and the cumulative application of the same is the science of predictive analytics and is thus called applied intelligence. Applied intelligence is also called machine learning and artificial intelligence among other terms.

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