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Acumen Velocity is a data driven team, our goal is to help our clients leverage data & analytics to drive business value.

We are a preferred Google cloud partner specializing in cloud migration, data analytics, data science & machine learning solutions on the Google cloud platform.

We leverage Googles world class infrastructure & technologies like BigQuery, BigTable, Cloud Spanner, Cloud SQL, Cloud Pub/Sub, AutoML, Tensorflow, Kubernetes / containerization, app engine etc.. to migrate & manage client environments and provide analytics solutions.

Moving your data warehouse & reporting to the cloud presents organizations with innumerable benefits including lower TCO, increased data capture and metric visibility along with insightful reporting.

We deliver robust software solutions that excel in highly-challenging environments and give our clients an edge over the competition.

Driven by our commitment to excellence and customer satisfaction, we focus on leveraging the best of technology to boost your online presence and help your business grow. Every project we deliver is carefully crafted by our in-house team. While constantly looking for new horizons, challenges and opportunities in Marketing technology.

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Customer-Oriented Service Model

Our areas of expertise and infrastructural assets enable us forge long-lasting, fruitful, and trustworthy partnerships with our clients. Getting repeat business from existing customers separates a great service provider from an average one. This is exactly what sets us apart from the competition. With a stream of existing customers that trust our expertise in web application development, we leverage cutting-edge technology and the skills of expert designers, programmers, writers, and business developers to translate your ideas into reality.

On-Time Delivery

The unique combination of our expertise coupled with our effective project management process helps us deliver projects on schedule. The relationships we have established with our clients depend heavily on our ability to deliver projects on time with properly implemented functionality and usability.

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Value Our People

The quality and passion of our people powers our progress. We hire only the highest quality brains who seamlessly comply with our open and client-focused culture and values. Our people are committed to the success of our clients and successful completion of every single project. Our low rate of attrition tells our story.

Value in Reputation

Every module or process is well documented, institutionalized and evaluated, which has helped us become more effective and efficient with everything we do. To us, quality and commitment to excellence go hand in hand – quality work and vigorous communication goes a long way in improving our image in the eyes of customers.

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Continuous Improvement

An admirable infrastructure and a healthy work environment are the backbone of our work process. We pride ourselves on:

There is More Than Just Work

Beyond the work and daily routine, we organize many fun-trips and outgoings, making life healthier and exploring the interpersonal skills of every single person working with us.


Our services focus on improving your marketing ROI. We believe in doing more of what works and less of what doesn’t. We have a track record of helping our clients with a lot of different solutions over the years.

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