We start with an in-depth review of the existing sales process & focus on metrics.

For example: Ratios of demo’s booked v/s closed customers.

Performing an in-depth sales process audit followed by data-backed analysis of a company’s sales process can highlight areas where sales performance could be improved.


Improving sales performance entails working with your sales team about the following:


Lead Qualification & Scoring

Enable sales to score leads and assign positive or negative weights to contacts and companies based on data indicating how good a fit a given lead is.

A lot of factors will need to be considered before the weight assignment is taken into consideration. For example: A business with limited geographic reach, might negatively weigh contacts that live in a certain country.

Leveraging & implementing intelligent lead scoring will help sales teams to surface good fit prospects to reps the minute they either convert on your website or take certain pre-determined actions that signify interest. This helps weed out less qualified prospects that can be queued up for later.


Effective Sales Content

Most companies already have high quality sales content on their websites. However, after an audit it is mostly apparent that the content is decentralized and fragmented around the site. Ensuring that all existing sales content is present in one location, classified and organized logically, ensures salespeople can find these resources quickly, refer to them when needed and share them with customers as required.

Examples of sales content include:

  • Customer case studies
  • Whitepapers and ebooks
  • Product demo decks
  • Pricing and discount information
  • Competitive intelligence briefs


Content libraries can be hosted as internal docs, or wiki, in a CRM etc. As time goes on, the content that was relevant to buyers just a few years ago will not perform as well in today’s environment.

Keeping the document library up to date is a crucial step to enabling sales team success.


Create Case Studies

Case studies are critical in a sales team’s document library. Nothing speaks as strongly for a business as a previous customer’s success.

Within weeks of launching a new product, companies should aim to have at least one case study highlighting the product.

Email Templates / Sales Automation Sequences / Scripts

Sales professionals should leverage sales email best practices to automate much of the sales follow up process once a lead has been qualified as Sales Qualified (SQL). Leveraging personalization tokens in such follow up email sequences tailors the message to the specific prospect.

Sales Coaching

Working with an industry-specialized & seasoned sales coach can make all the difference.

Our Sales Mentors can help your sales team to adopt best practices for modern selling while helping align sales activities to business goals & objectives.

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