Cloud Data Analytics

A data-driven culture is one of the determining factors that differentiate native digital companies from their counterparts. It is vital to ensure the right mindset is in place so that all decision making is data-driven. Implementing data initiatives requires effective communication and cross-functional collaboration between all departments.


Reports generated from legacy data sources often provide a historical data point rather than competitive advantage and intelligence. It is no longer enough to simply correlate the transactional records of sales and marketing; a variety of other sources must be considered, such as end-user habits, real-time mobile and IoT feeds, and other diverse near-real-time unstructured sources for data analytics.


Unlock the power of your Data Analytics with Google Cloud platform solutions.



Google BigQuery is a cloud-based, fully managed, serverless enterprise data warehouse that supports Data analytics over petabyte-scale data. It delivers high-speed analysis of large data sets while reducing or eliminating investments in onsite infrastructure or database administrators. BigQuery scales its use of hardware up or down to maximize performance of each query, adding and removing compute and storage resources as required.


Cloud Dataflow

Google Cloud Dataflow is a unified programming model and a managed service for developing and executing a wide range of data processing patterns including ETL, batch computation, and continuous computation. Cloud Dataflow frees you from operational tasks like resource management and performance optimization.  There is no need to launch and manage a cluster. Instead, the service provides all resources on demand for data analytics.


Cloud Dataproc

Cloud Dataproc is a managed Spark and Hadoop service that lets you take advantage of open source data tools for batch processing, querying, streaming, and machine learning.



Cloud Pub/Sub

Cloud Pub/Sub provides a simple and reliable staging location for your event data on its journey towards processing, storage, and data analysis. Google Cloud Pub/Sub is a messaging service for exchanging event data among applications and services. Google Cloud Pub/Sub delivers low-latency/durable messaging, and is commonly used by developers in implementing asynchronous workflows, distributing event notifications, and streaming data from various processes or devices.


Cloud Data Fusion

A fully managed, cloud native data integration service that helps users efficiently build and manage ETL/ELT data pipelines. It enables users to create scalable production data pipelines using a graphical interface, and with a variety of pre-configured connectors and different options for transformations. This enables organisations to focus more on the insights and less on the infrastructure.


Cloud Composer

Fully managed workflow automation tool service that empowers you to author, schedule, and monitor pipelines that span across clouds and on-premises data centers built on Apache Airflow.


Cloud Dataprep

Cloud Dataprep is Google’s self-service data preparation tool built in collaboration with Trifacta. It is an intelligent data service from GCP that allows you to visually explore, clean and prepare data that is not ready for immediate data analysis.


Cloud Bigtable

It’s a fully managed, high-performance, extremely scalable NoSQL database service accessible through the industry-standard, open-source Apache HBase API.

Your databases in Bigtable are sparsely populated tables that can scale to billions of rows and thousands of columns allowing you to store petabytes of data. Cloud Bigtable excels at large ingestion, analytics, and data-heavy serving workloads. It’s ideal for enterprises and data-driven organizations that need to handle huge volumes of data, including businesses in the financial services, AdTech, energy, biomedical, and telecommunications industries.


Case Studies from Google

Here are few case studies showcasing the power of Data Analytics with Google Cloud platform solutions

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