How Acumen Helped A Financial Institution quadruple lending operations

Client Brief:

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A title loan lender based out of California with 6 local locations wanting to grow their client base.

Title loans by themselves have a reputation of charging high-interest rates, the client established 6 locations and was struggling to get customers through the door asking for a title loan despite charging one of the lowest interest rates in the market.

The inside Sales Manager was focused on building the business. His team of inside sales representatives is responsible for turning inbound leads, who have either called in or submitted an online form through their website as well as ways to increase walk-ins to the stores.

Their business was growing, but the reps weren’t selling as quickly or effectively as they could because they couldn’t engage with them outside of the phone.

The Sales Team Wanted to Explore Online Marketing to Get Traction Within the Local Areas Where the Stores Are Located

The Inside sales manager was very experienced with marketing platforms from a previous company and saw the value it could bring to sales and marketing teams. He knew he wanted to give it a try and amplify it with high-performance Hyper-Local SEO.

The whole team was set up to receive notifications from various stores.  It gave them real-time alerts telling them when, where, and how prospects were engaging with them – by sending emails, visiting the website, and calling in.  In less than six months, he saw the team being more agile and effective.

Acumen objective:

  1. To help clients increase loan originations online while generating local interest in the community and within the target markets.
  2. To implement Marketing automation to ensure re-targeting.

What weve done:

Financial concept

  • Deployed Google analytics tools to assess current performance.
  • Performed competitor analysis and created brand personas.
  • Synergize findings with key management and cost-benefit analysis.
  • Assessed target demographics and created target buyer personas.
  • Created & Implemented content plan that resonates with the target audiences
  • Developed effective email marketing workflows for re-targeting

Key Features:

✓ Weekly/Monthly reporting of key findings and current progress while maintaining continuous online access to analytics for key stakeholders

✓ Identification & refinement of key opportunity areas, prioritizing each based on Impact /Effort

✓ Recommending & Implementing actions based on the industry’s best practices

✓ Constant follow up with the Client to assign tasks and due dates and track progress

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